Why the Mediterranean diet no longer has the coast, unfortunately ...

The model of health gastronomy had a name: the Cretan diet, the ultimate stage of the Mediterranean diet that has fascinated doctors for nearly 50 years. But it's not enough to have a model, you have to follow it. And the small Mediterranean people seem to have forgotten it. What has just been brutally reminded them of the World Health Organization, because the model remains the one to follow.

Would the Greeks be ashamed of their traditional diet? At a time when the global economy is in a state of restraint, fast food is experiencing inflation like all the poor countries on the planet who are obsessed with American-style junk food that combines reduced prices and fat-sweet foods. . All the criteria to flatter the palate and the wallet. Two properties that make them popular but also disastrous for our health. Because the sanction has not been long in coming from the indisputable World Health Organization that has just alerted the people of the south to the European Congress of Obesity that has just been held in Austria. Contrary to what was once their strength, the small Greeks but also Italians and Spaniards are the most overweight of all Europe.

When we talk about the "Mediterranean diet", we refer more specifically to the traditional diet of the Greek islands of Crete and Corfu - hence the occasional name of "Cretan diet" that the media likes. But it is true that the top of the top in this region is undoubtedly Crete. Which remains the model of the ideal European gastronomy.

From the Mediterranean to Crete

After having noted that the French are more protected than the other inhabitants of the industrialized countries, then that the Mediterranean are the luckiest Europeans in the face of the infarction, it is in Crete - the big island all in length, which bar the south from Greece - that we find the paradise of our arteries. But, for once, the knowledge of the perfect world was not limited to the now famous cliché, olive oil / tomato and friendliness, because the very detailed study of what the inhabitants of Crete eat revealed some surprises . First of all because the Cretans, if they eat a lot of vegetables, consume only a few tomatoes. Then, unlike other Greeks, they do not eat a lot of cheese and fries. Finally, olive oil is not an oil so perfect as this, because it lacks an essential compound. And do you think that this compound, it is found in the purslane salad, which are particularly fond of the Cretans! One wonders, moreover, how the "masters of thought" of hundreds of years ago have made with such precision such essential observations. Another amazing example, even if we come out of Crete.

Fish and amino acids

Amino acids are essential to our life. There are two starchy foods, which together contain all of them: couscous and chickpea. After that, we would like to make us believe by chance, while millions of people in North Africa have chosen, for centuries, to associate them. With the mistake of adding the mutton, meat too fat, that the Cretan is reluctant to consume in quantity, to prefer him, obviously, the fish which, a few decades ago, was at profusion in the waters of the Mediterranean. This fish is usually accompanied by starchy foods, formerly beans, now rice.

Do not look, the Cretan miracle is in all these different foods, not forgetting that the inhabitants of Crete also had a very active life and that, without going to "Sirtaki", the movement is certainly a priority to keep the line or, at least, avoid growing during the year.

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