Our children, well but poorly fed!

French children are rather well fed. That, we suspected. But the "well fed" is only for quantity and not for quality: too much meat, too much fat, too much bad sugar, in its rapid form, that is to say, sweetened drinks or fruits, and not good enough, in their slow form, pasta, rice or cereal. The vitamins are, on the other hand, in sufficient quantity and the food rather varied.

Breakfast "zapped"

If a child is asked what his favorite meal is, he answers "breakfast". Yet, in our country, it is often - especially school days - a time not privileged enough. And there are many toddlers to suffer from this famous "pump of eleven hours", generator of bad newsletters. The solution ? Increase the time and variety of this breakfast, at worst, slip into the pocket a good piece of bread or some biscuits.

One in two children have lunch in the canteen.

This proportion is also much higher in the city. As this is the most important meal, it is interesting to look a little, to see that we eat better, balanced and often with more pleasure in the canteen. They have also made great efforts to get gradually in agreement with dieticians.

Inactive and too much TV,

After school, the snack is a snack to which we must leave freedom and fantasy, insisting however that pastries are real hidden grease traps. "Finally comes the evening meal which should be light, without television , rather directed to a soup, a fruit and a milky dessert and especially dedicated to the family. It is, as Georges Pernoud says with great intelligence, "the university of life" ...

In short, everything would be fine in the best of all worlds ... Except that small obese are more and more numerous.

In France, there is an unfortunate tendency to accuse only fast foods. It is to forget that the responsibility of all these kilos must also be attributed to the television and the computer. First, because a child watching a screen is motionless. He does not burn his fat anymore. On the contrary, he stores them! Then, the main reason is the desynchronization of the message of hunger because of advertisements. Clearly, he is hungry at the time of commercials, between meals, and even if the child does not nibble, he arrives at table without appetite. Hence eating disorders.

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