"Seen from the liver, wine is alcohol", doctors ask for a National Alcohol Plan

The President of the Republic had differentiated wine from other spirits during a statement to the media during the Salon de l'agriculture. Comments made by health professionals in a forum.

A glass of wine for lunch and dinner. This is what President Emmanuel Macron drinks. He declared it on the sidelines of his visit to the agricultural show.

If this replica surely pleased the winemakers present, it has reacted to the medical world. Above all, in the face of this sentence: "There is a scourge of public health when young people get drunk at an accelerated rate with alcohol or beer, but it is not with wine".

Doctors respond in a forum published Monday, March 5 in Le Figaro, titled "Seen the liver, the wine is alcohol," and claim a national alcohol plan.

Wine represents 60% of French consumption

Emmanuel Macron said there would be no hardening of the Evin law. It is this law that prohibits the advertising of alcohol. A speech joined by the spokesman of the government, Christophe Castaner. He said on BFMTV: "There is alcohol in the wine but it is an alcohol that is not strong. "

Words that made these signatory doctors react. "The effects on health do not depend on the type of alcohol, be it wine, spirits or beer; what counts, in terms of toxicity, is the amount of alcohol drunk, "says the platform.

It recalls that in France, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is one of the strongest in Europe. The French drink on average 12 liters of pure alcohol a year, or 2.6 glasses to 10 grams of alcohol a glass per day. Wine accounts for 60% of this consumption according to these scientists. Also, it would be the second leading cause of cancer after smoking.

Nine signatory doctors

This data is why the signatories are calling for a national alcohol plan from the government. Among the nine signatories of this forum, Bernard Basset, vice-president of the National Association of prevention in alcoholism and addiction (Anpaa), Nicolas Simon president of Anpaa, Irène Frachon, pulmonologist in Brest or Amine Benyamina, professor of psychiatry and university addiction at Paris-XI. On the 28th of February, already, three doctors were reacting in a tribune of the World of the words of the president.

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