How to preserve your hair on vacation?

Wet, salty, tangled by the wind, the hair suffers on vacation! Some tips to preserve them.

The hair does not take a vacation, they grow! One centimeter a month, no more, no less. If they do not allow themselves any rest, give them a little attention. During the summer, they may be harmed by sea bathing, the sun or outdoor activities that dishevel ...

The first advice of the doctor is that of common sense: give up hairstyles that break the hair or stress the roots like braids, buns or ponytails. In the same way, prefer to brush natural bristle brushes and combs with large teeth.

Wash them frequently

After swims or physical activities that make you sweat, do not hesitate to wash your hair often, many shampoos are suitable for frequent use. By lathering this shampoo, massage your scalp and, after rinsing thoroughly, apply a detangling product: combing wet and tangled hair is mostly tearing!

For drying, the towel and the free air are preferable to the hair dryer especially when used at high temperatures.

Allergic reactions

Caution with products that are supposed to regenerate or enrich the hair that can cause reactions. In the same way, test the dyes on small portions of skin and observe possible irritations: the scratching head is today much more often due to allergic reactions to the products that treat the hair than itching due to to parasites like lice!

Having and keeping beautiful hair is also paying attention to one's diet. Mistrust of too restrictive diets: anorexics almost always have hair problems, which is a sign of the importance of food.

Four to five years before falling

The hair is well worth all these attentions: our capital is only 100,000, which seems a lot but which is not enough, with a normal loss of 50 to 100 hairs a day, to guarantee eternally a hair garnished. Fortunately, each hair lives on average 4 to 5 years before falling, when his successor immediately leaves the skin. But we are not all equal in the face of this regrowth: there is first genetics - look at the head of your parents, you will have an idea of ​​your future hair - but also the life you will lead to your hair ... and this is where we come back to the care to bring them during the holidays!