Mosquitoes, withdrawal of decontractyl and a chest that grows visibly

The chest of a woman who has grown visibly for 9 months, the US military wants to change the skin of his soldiers to repel mosquitoes, and Decontractyl withdrawn sales: this is the news of the day.

Breast hypertrophy: the breast of this woman has grown visibly for 9 months

For nine months, the life of Lam Phrai Si Nuan has become a hell. At 46, this Thai has to deal with an evil as mysterious as handicapping: her chest continues to grow, reaching today several pounds. The weight of her breasts is such that she has to move on crutches, tying around her neck a fabric that helps her support her chest. This is not without consequence: it is indeed subject to severe pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Learn more here.

The US Army wants to change the skin of its soldiers to ward off mosquitoes

"Could it be that your smell is just a little too attractive?" So begins the latest release from DARPA, the US Department of Defense's Agency for Research and Development of New Technologies for Military Use. It has just launched a new program called ReVector to set up a strategy to eradicate the risk of transmission of diseases by mosquitoes. Because these would represent the greatest threat against troops on mission abroad. More info in our article.

Decontractyl: the drug against muscle contractures removed from sale

As early as next week, it will no longer be possible to be prescribed Decontractyl or to find medicine in a pharmacy. In a statement dated Friday, the French Medicines Agency (ANSM) has withdrawn the marketing authorization for this drug containing mephenesin (active substance) and prescribed to relieve pain related to muscle contractures. Learn more here.