Working too much increases the risk of stroke

Working long hours would be a risk factor for stroke, especially if this habit lasts for more than a decade, according to a new study.

According to a study published in the Stroke magazine of the American Heart Association, based on data from a group of French patients collected since 2012, the risk of stroke for people who work long hours increases by 29%. For those who keep this pace for ten years or more, it even increases by 45%.

Too much work was defined upstream of the study as days of 10 hours or more, for at least 50 days a year.

An even stronger bond for people under 50

"The link between long working days and stroke seems even stronger for people under 50, says Dr. Alexis Descatha, director of the study and researcher at Inserm. Further studies are needed to explore it. "

"I also want to point out that many caregivers work far more than the definition of long work days and are also at higher risk of stroke," says Descatha. patients to work more efficiently and I intend to follow my own advice. "

Previous studies had already established the effect of long hours on professions such as entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and managers, which had proved less significant. The researchers noted that this could be explained by the fact that these professions have greater freedom in their decisions, compared to other professions.

Other studies also suggested that irregular working hours, night work and work stress could be responsible for poor working conditions.

Video: Working overtime doubles stroke risks study (January 2020).