French researchers recruit people stung by ticks

As part of a research project on tick-borne diseases, French researchers are recruiting volunteers. These must have been bitten by a tick in the last six months.

Have you recently been bitten by a tick? Scientists need you! The Ohticks project aims to identify the different diseases transmitted by these insects. The study was developed by INRA and the Institut Pasteur in 4 French hospitals (Saint-Antoine in Paris, CHU de Saint-Etienne, CHU of Besançon, CHU Garches).

OHTICKS project: help improve the diagnosis of tick-borne diseases! // @institutpasteur #RP_Inra

- Inra (@Inra_France) April 25, 2019

Ticks bite humans and animals, and transfer bacteria to them. Although they are known to transmit Lyme disease, they can also cause other pathologies. The research team is interested in unexplained symptoms to understand which bacteria are responsible for them.

3 or 4 visits to the hospital

To participate, you must be over 18 years old, have reported an injection and have been bitten by a tick in the last six months. On their site, the researchers insist on this aspect: "the follow-up must be put in place at the earliest after the sting". Patients must also be able to go to one of the 4 hospitals mentioned above. Three or four visits to hospitals are required to answer questionnaires, make clinical assessments and take blood tests.

The tick bite shows a red plaque on the surface of the skin, called erythema migrans. Patients sometimes experience muscle, joint or migraine pain. If you have been stung by a tick, do not wait to act. The urgency is to remove the insect with a tick-tick, at most 36 hours after the sting.

"Tick Reporting"

In July 2017, INRA launched another project to improve knowledge on ticks: the application "Tick Reporting". It allows to report any sting and its context: date, place, environment, etc. Participants can even attach a photo, once the tick is removed. In total, in one year, 5,000 reports were recorded: one in three was stung in his garden.

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