The CFDT wants to lower the pollution thresholds in the metro

The CFDT denounces exposure to unacceptable pollution of underground workers, who work in particular in the rer and metro.

"The threshold of exposure to which underground workers are subjected, is very very strong, is unacceptable, it is also true also for travelers", explained to RFI the Secretary General of the CFDT.
"The thresholds are used to measure, if they are too high, we say you are exposed but it is not very serious, in fact the impact on health is huge.It is necessary to lower the thresholds and find the policies that allow the air pollution in the metro is much less strong than it is today ", continues Laurent Berger.

Particles that enter the respiratory system

The union will file an appeal before the Council of State to force the state to lower the regulatory thresholds for pollution exposure of employees of railway stations, subways and underground. This fine particle pollution, already pointed out by the CFDT in 2015, is mainly produced by the circulation and braking of trains, RERs or metros.
"In underground railway enclosures, the chemical pollution of the air is dominated by the problem of particles.The concentration of particles measured in the air is often expressed in PM10 and in PM2.53: particles that penetrate in the respiratory tract, capable of being deposited at the level of the pulmonary alveoli with respect to the finest fraction (PM2.5) ", indicated the handles in 2015.

Higher concentrations

"The mass concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 measured in underground railway enclosures in France and abroad are much higher than those measured in outside air, even near road traffic, and those measured in the air. interior of housing, "she added.

28,000 people work regularly in these undergrounds, including more than 26,000 in Ile-de-France. The average "total dust and alveolar dust concentrations of the atmosphere inhaled by a worker, evaluated over an eight-hour period shall not exceed 10 and 5 milligrams per cubic meter of air, respectively, in areas with specific pollution", according to the labor Code.

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