Health: What the Buzyn Bill Contains

The bill of health was presented Wednesday, February 13 in Council of Ministers. Numerus clausus, telemedicine, local hospitals: it aims to deeply reform the French health care system.

"Promoting access to healthcare everywhere in France": this is the goal of Agnès Buzyn's health bill. It brings together a series of measures to reform the French health system globally. Integrated into the "My health 2022" plan, this project concerns both the training of doctors and the organization of health structures.

The disappearance of the numerus clausus

The end of the numerus clausus is one of the important measures of this bill and will be implemented as of the beginning of the school year 2020. Today, the number of students admitted to the second year of medicine, odontology, pharmacy and midwives is set by a ministerial order. About 15% of first-year students are able to enter the second year of study.

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn says she wants to increase the number of doctors trained by 20%, but that does not mean the end of the selection process: the transition to second year will always be conditional on the validation of certain criteria, not yet defined by the government. The number of places will be established by universities and regional health agencies (ARS). In 2018 and with the numerus clausus, 8,205 places in the second year were opened.

The creation of labels "local hospitals"

This bill will allow the government to revise the hospital card. By 2022, 500 to 600 hospitals will receive the label "proximity hospital": their missions will be concentrated on general medicine, geriatrics and rehabilitation, without surgery or maternity. Authorization rules for certain activities such as surgery or equipment, such as MRIs, will be modified.

More telemedicine and digital

Today, doctors can consult by videoconference, but this bill wants to extend this practice. Pharmacists and medical auxiliaries will also be able to use this technology. For example, it will be possible to perform speech therapy and orthoptic sessions remotely.

At the same time, a platform will be created to replace the Institute for Health Data. Billions of information, from the sheets of care or medical acts through the hospitalizations, will be more easily accessible in particular to allow the research to have access to it. By January 1, 2022, all French people should be able to create their digital health space that will include shared medical records, access to applications and referenced health information.

Bring together the liberal doctors

One thousand territorial professional health communities (CPTS) will be created by 2022: this will allow the liberal health professionals to work together and will take care of consultations without appointments, in order to unclog hospitals. Patients will have the opportunity to find a doctor urgently from 8h to 20h.

A new profession: medical assistant

The government wants to free time for health professionals, and to do so, proposes the creation of a new profession: the medical assistant. With one year of training, he will be able to perform simple tasks such as tensioning. In the same logic, the device of doctor will be expanded: it allows an intern to assist a doctor in his work. Today reserved for areas affected by a seasonal tourist influx, it will be extended to medical deserts.

Foreign doctors better recognized

Today, health professionals graduates from a country outside the European Union (doctors, midwives, dentists, pharmacists) can not in principle practice in France. In fact, they are 4,000 to practice under the status of "acting as an intern" (FFI) or "associate associate practitioner": this implies a lack of evolution of their position and low remuneration. The law should allow them to regularize their situation by the end of 2021.

As of March 19, members of the House should be on this bill. The government hopes for a final vote on the text before the next school year.

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