Dangerous chemicals found in diapers

According to ANSES (National Health Safety Agency), baby diapers contain too many toxic substances, potentially threatening the health of children.

ANSES published this Wednesday its assessment of the risks related to chemicals in diapers, and it is not good. Public health experts have pointed out exceedances of health thresholds for several toxic substances. These are "perfuming substances (butylphenylmethylpropional or lilial®, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde or lyral®), certain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), PCB-126, the sum of DL-PCBs and the sum of dioxins. , furans and DL-PCBs ".

"We can not exclude a risk"

The majority of babies in France wear disposable diapers, which represents about 4,000 diapers used in the first three years of life. As a result, toxic substances can migrate into children's urine and come into prolonged contact with their skin, causing allergies.
In order to be as realistic as possible, "a quantity absorbed as a function of the wearing time of the layer, of the number of layers carried by the babies, is calculated up to 36 months, and one compares to toxicological values ​​of reference for each substances ", explains in LCI Gérard Lasfargues, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Sciences division for the expertise of the National Agency for Health Security. "One can not exclude a risk (...) since one observes an exceeding of the health thresholds for a certain number of substances", he adds.

Manufacturers convened at Bercy

In view of the risks that these substances may pose to the health of babies, ANSES recommends eliminating them or minimizing their presence in disposable diapers, reinforcing the control of these substances in the layers placed on the market, and put in place a more restrictive regulatory framework for these products. Directives taken by the government. "Ministers require manufacturers and distributors to make commitments to eliminate these substances in baby diapers by 15 days," an official statement said. The manufacturers were summoned Wednesday morning in Bercy.
ANSES's expertise was based on analyzes and tests conducted by the Joint Laboratory Service (SCL) and the National Institute of Consumption (INC) between 2016 and 2018 on several references of layers representative of the French market. .

Glyphosate, pesticides, VOCs

Two surveys of 60 million consumers had already shown that some brands of diapers contain baby products dangerous to health. We were talking about glyphosate, pesticides, dioxins and volatile or halogenated organic compounds (VOCs), present in 2017 in the leader of the Pampers sector, and in 2018 at Mots d'enfant, the supermarket brand E. Leclerc, Love & Green, Lotus Baby, Pommette or Lillydoo.

If the contents of undesirable substances are very low in these layers, the health risk "can not be ruled out", estimated as ANSES 60 million consumersbecause "infants are also exposed to glyphosates and VOCs from other sources".

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