Heart failure: patients must be vaccinated against influenza

When you have heart failure, it is important to get the flu shot. Failure to do so exposes you to lethal risks.

Getting the flu shot every year can save the lives of patients with heart failure, according to a new study published in the journal circulation.

Heart failure is the inability of the heart muscle to normally perform its role of propelling blood into the body. It can occur in the course of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris or hypertension. Influenza can be very serious or even fatal for patients with heart failure. Often over the age of 65, the infection can exacerbate their symptoms and cause complications.

A 19% reduction in deaths

In the study in question, researchers analyzed medical data from 134,048 patients with heart failure over a 12-year period. Influenza immunization rates ranged from 16% of the cohort in 2003 to 52% in 2015, with a peak of 54% in 2009. Influenza vaccination was associated with a 19% reduction in all-cause and non-influenza deaths. cardiovascular death.

Compared to no vaccination, being vaccinated once every two or three years was also linked to a 13% reduction in the risk of all-cause death and an 8% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular death. The timing of vaccination was also critical. There was a greater reduction in the number of deaths when vaccination took place earlier, ie in September rather than in December.

Inadequate vaccination coverage

"Recent studies have shown that vaccination coverage against influenza in patients with heart failure is inadequate," said study director Daniel Modin (University of Copenhagen). "I hope our research can help educate doctors and cardiologists who care for patients with heart failure about the importance of flu shots for their patients," he adds.

In France, in 2008-2009, heart failure affected 2.3% of the French adult population, about 1,130,000 people. It is a major cause of death in France, whatever the age. In 2010, she was directly or indirectly responsible for more than 95,000 deaths.

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