Only 3% of children are physically active enough (which is very bad for their health)

The numbers are more than worrying. Only 3% of children do enough physical activity every day, which can lead to serious health problems.

Only 3% of children do enough physical activity every day, according to new research. Until 18 years old, it is recommended to move at least 60 minutes a day. We do not necessarily talk about sports, but simply walking, cycling, scooter, trips to the park, ect ...

1.2% of girls reach the recommended level of physical activity

The study, conducted by the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth (England), evaluated the lifestyles of 807 nine- and ten-year-olds. As a result, only 1.2% of girls achieved the recommended level of physical activity of one hour per day, compared to 5.5% of boys. "This has consequences not only during childhood but also in adulthood," laments the director of research, the main concern is weight gain, itself carrying many diseases (diabetes, cancer, hypertension ... ).
According to a recent study, 53% of overweight or obese teens had been over the age of 5, and this had worsened with age. In addition, almost 90% of children who were obese at age 3 suffered from weight problems during adolescence. Finally, among obese teens, the most spectacular acceleration of BMI, normal at baseline, was observed between 2 and 6 years.

"The lack of activity is pathological"

"Parents are always more eager to do what is good for their child, but the message on the need to move is difficult to pass," explained two years ago Professor François Carré (French Federation of Cardiology, CHRU from Rennes) to Figaro. "People tend to think that physical activity is good for health, it's an abuse of language, it's the lack of activity that is pathological, we're made to move," he said.
The overconsumption of screens is the main cause of physical inactivity among young people. One in two children starts watching television before 18 months, according to preliminary results of a recent study conducted by Inserm and INED on the subject. Two out of every three children aged 2 are watching TV every day, and the situation is getting worse as the parents' level of education goes down. 4 out of every 5 children are watching TV in families with lower education levels.

Parents, who are themselves more and more sedentary, would not encourage their child to move enough.

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