Love Baguette: a beautiful operation to finance the daily fight against AIDS

From October 5th to 15th, AIDES launched Operation Love Baguette throughout France. A beautiful ribbon-shaped bag that costs two euros and half of which will be donated to the association to support the fight against AIDS, especially HIV prevention and testing in the field.

"A rod full of love to end AIDS". Thus the association AIDES, which has been fighting since 1984 against HIV and viral hepatitis, presents its operation "Love Baguette", launched throughout the French territory from 5 to 15 October 2018 for the second year in some bakeries. The principle is simple: for two euros, buy a ribbon-shaped baguette and half of this sum will be donated to the association for the fight against AIDS. Nearly 900 bakeries are partners.

A wand against AIDS

AIDES will specifically use these donations to fund AIDS prevention and testing activities in the field. Last year, thanks to the commitment of more than 1000 bakeries, Love Baguette had already raised more than 80,000 euros. "But the fight is not over! We still have some way to go to stop new infections including tracking the 25,000 people in France who carry the virus without knowing it!", Explains AIDES on the site of the surgery.

"Unknowingly, these people endanger their health and risk transmitting the virus.Inversely, a person detected early and placed immediately under treatment will maintain a life expectancy close to normal and will be a bulwark against the spread of the virus. HIV: Indeed, treatments are so effective today that they "put the virus to sleep" and block transmission, "it says.

A huge impact

And if the concept of Love Baguette seems "a little crazy", "if you look a little closer, you will quickly realize the enormous impact that this operation can have for the fight against AIDS", continues the association recalls that from October 5 to 15, 300 million chopsticks will be sold in France.

"So imagine if only 0.1% of these chopsticks were Love Baguettes, this will fund the fight against AIDS to the tune of 300 000 €, just that!" Enthuses AIDES, which offers a search engine to to help you find the nearest bakery partner in your area.

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