Lyon engineers invent brushing teeth in ten seconds: their product is already available

Two French engineers have developed the first express toothbrush. Tested for three years, it is now available for pre-order for young and old.

It took Benjamin Cohen three years of research and development to create the first Y-brush, an express toothbrush. Available for a week on pre-order for the sum of 85 euros, this revolutionary new tool (whose delivery is scheduled for April 2019) would allow us to wash our teeth in just ten seconds. An idea he owes to his little cousins. "Like all children, they struggled to do the right thing and did not take more than a minute to brush their teeth before going to bed," he says.

The French brush their teeth on average 43 seconds

That same evening, he decides to time himself and realizes that he does not take the recommended two minutes either. "The French are brushing their teeth for an average of 43 seconds ... Our Y-Brush, which operates close to an electric toothbrush, is placed on the upper and lower teeth like a mouthguard. lined with nylon bristles, very thin, inclined at 45 degrees, which allows cleaning everywhere deep ". Y-shaped, the Y-brush is available in four sizes (for children and adults): it is positioned directly on the dentition, requires 5 seconds to clean the top and again 5 seconds for the bottom.

Soon a Y-Brush for people with disabilities?

To create this little machine, Benjamin Cohen has partnered with Christophe Cadot, a 29-year-old engineer. Both went to sound dentists who "immediately showed interest" in the idea. The product was then tested for two years on a replica human jaw. "We wanted to check its effectiveness on dental plaque and we had very good results," says the entrepreneur.

Then the comfort of use of the Y-brush has been tested on a hundred volunteers. According to the results, this ultra-modern toothbrush would remove 15% more dental plaque than a 2-minute traditional toothbrush. Another model for people unable to brush their own teeth (disabled, elderly ...) will be on the market in the coming months. "We expect rapid growth in the French and international markets," concludes Benjamin Cohen.

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