Health: government's comprehensive prevention plan unveiled

Anti-smoking treatments reimbursed, pass-condom in some regions, 100% reimbursement of cervical cancer screening: Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and Health Minister Agnès Buzyn present the prevention plan of the health strategy of the government.

25 concrete measures to reduce the number of preventable deaths, estimated today at 100,000 per year. This is contained in the health prevention plan presented Monday by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and Health Minister Agnès Buzyn. These measures concern children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly.

Smoking cessation treatments reimbursed

Today, smokers who want to stop can benefit from a package of 150 euros per year to finance their treatments. The government announces that now, smoking cessation treatments will be fully reimbursed. As previously announced by the Ministry of Health, the price of the pack of cigarettes will gradually increase to reach 10 euros in 2020.

A website to inform about endocrine disruptors

By the end of 2018, a website should be launched to better inform and limit exposure to endocrine disruptors, especially for pregnant women. It will identify the chemicals contained in everyday consumer products.

Better protect yourself, better detect, better vaccinate

The government wants to increase the number of cervical cancer screening. This medical examination will now be reimbursed at 100%. For women aged 25 to 65, it is recommended to perform a smear every three years.

Pharmacists in pharmacies should also be able to carry out influenza vaccines from 2019. The government also wants to encourage young people to better protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections and diseases. The condom pass will be tested from 2019 in areas where the incidence of STDs is higher. Young people under 25 will have a card that will allow them to have free access to condoms.

Finally, a new plan announcement should take place in the year. EUR 15 million should be spent to finance the loss of autonomy of the elderly and the worsening of the state of health of the residents.